Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Independent Villas in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to some of the best IT professional who draws big salary packages and are infatuated towards luxury. These people have spent the majority of their lives in Bangalore away from home, and typically most of them decide to settle back in Bangalore itself. Real estate Bangalore is flourishing like grass in a pasture. The city offers all kinds of real estate options apartments, independent property, bungalows, and houses. But, with the expression luxury written on them, independent villas in Bangalore are of special significance to the wealthy IT professionals.

The advance standards of living prompt people to take pleasure in more than mere basic amenities. There is absolutely nothing wrong in desiring to live a lifestyle filled with comforts as long as one can manage to pay for it. Do we live to earn or do we earn to live or? This is something to be remembered, so that after having a terrifying day at office may be able to pamper ourselves by immersing in a pool of luxury, to relax and unwind. Independent villas in Bangalore will offer you a little more than you normally wish for. World-class amenities offered in these villas give a mind blowing experience. Facilities like swimming pool, meditation center, club house, yoga room, designated car parking, aerobics room etc. add some revitalizing moments in our crazy rush of life. A wonderful benefit of owning independent villas in Bangalore is that along with all the facilities that you can put your hands on, privacy comes for free.

Privacy is one thing that independent villas in Bangalore boast of. The apartment culture where 2 or 4 apartments are built on each floor invites unwanted interest and interference from neighbors at times. Sharing the same floor with your neighbors in an apartment brings along certain limitations which can be taken care of by owning an independent villa. Contrary to apartments, the independent villas in Bangalore protect your private space as it is. One thing that limits people from enjoying such an impressive lifestyle is 'money' as villas come for a large price tag. Most people nowadays look forward to a combination of both comfort and privacy. Villas comes under the luxury segment of accommodation, so if you have sufficient savings and a regular big flow of money flowing in then you would not have to compromise on your privacy at the cost of comfort.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

All About Condominium

The condominium concept, but has shown a steady increase in the past few years, especially in the metropolitan cities. Although this trend is not to catch up very much soon, the awareness has been spreading slowly. For those who does not know what a condominium is, read on below to know more.

What is it?

The condominium showcases growth which can be in many forms such as in an apartment complex, multi- family dwellings, and townhouses. It is differentiated from the rest of the multi-tenant complexes by declaring it legally that the people can buy units of the complex or the building. In many cases this is considered as the development where the laws are drafted out exclusive for condominiums.A typical description of the condominium can be considered as ‘box in the air’. When a person buy the condominium, the owner can get a title to the unit till the walls but not in-between. The common areas such as diving, stairways, rooftop gardens, exterior walls and dividing walls, gyms, come under the shared ownership. Any development of these common spaces will be asked for concern by everyone. You can utilize these spaces based on your interest.

In case of any repair or maintenance work at the common spaces it has to share among the every person who stays there. Usually there is a condominium association for every condominium and they are even known as the unit owners association. This is formed through conducting an election by the owners of the condominiums. They are the ones who take decisions and also indulge in development of the community.

The cost of the condominium includes:
  • Property tax, arras, and mortgage
  • A condo fee which is the other name for the maintenance cost. It has to be paid by all the residents for salaries of ground keepers, janitors, luxury swimming pools, building maintenance, and gym. It is paid on a monthly basis and can change in accordance.
  • Special assessment rates. If you want any planned modification or any unexpected repair the extra fees would be collected.

There are some rules like restriction on noise levels and pets.